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Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m 24

years of age and

have been collecting

 fossils since I was

just 4 years old.

 I’ve created this website to allow everyone to share and talk about fossils.













































































































































































Latest News


Fossils Galore is delighted to announce that Nigel Marven, star of Prehistoric Park and BBC Walking with Dinosaurs specials including Sea Monsters Prehistoric Predators of the Deep, who has been described as a time travelling zoologist, has agreed to become patron of Fossils Galore.

Nigel is renowned for bringing to life in vivid detail creatures which lived and died millions of years ago.  It is very appropriate therefore that Nigel should become patron of Fossils Galore as amongst the exciting discoveries made by Jamie Jordan, proprietor and founder of Fossils Galore, is their very own sea monster, a gigantic prehistoric fish, believed to have been 27 foot long, the oldest fossil big fish found to date worldwide and a new species, a predecessor of Leedsichthys.  The Fossils Galore big fish lived 163 million years ago and lived in the shallow tropical seas which covered this area of the UK at that time.  It will take years for the work on the big fish to be complete but it is already known that after it had died it was scavenged by plesiosaurs and sharks.  There were clearly plenty of sea monsters in the oceans in this area at that time!

 Nigel opened the Fossils Galore extension on Saturday 12 April 2014 and spent the whole  day at the centre, meeting fans, signing autographs and having pictures taken with them.   He also gave an interesting talk on behind the scenes on Prehistoric Park and Walking with Dinosaurs and gave a live reptile handling talk, both of which were very well received.  There were lots of other fun activities throughout the day and the day was a huge success.  Fossils Galore is very much looking forward to welcoming Nigel to the centre again in the future.

For more information contact Jamie Jordan, owner of Fossils Galore on 01354 278089 or by email at fossilsgalore@gmail.com.



Fossils Galore Fenland Business Awards Finalists! 

The Fossils Galore Team are proud to announce that the whole organisation are finalists in the Fenland Business Awards. Check back soon to find out if we win the Awards.


Lots more Fossil Hunting Trips to one of our most popular locations have been organised so don't miss out on some great opportunities to come on a organised fossil hunt. Click Here to book online.


Check out our new Arts & Crafts Department for some stunning community work at very reasonable prices: Click Here to view


You can now find us at:


Fossils Galore

60 High Street


PE15 9LD

(Next To HSBC)

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Jamie is joined by the
Mayor of Peterborough
for the Fossils Galore
Museum’s Grand Opening
- Sept 2011









































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