Background Story of Founder


In 1993 at the age of 4:  Jamie was on holiday with his family at Skegness, it was here that he found his first fossil, which was Dinosaur aged. After this sparked an interest Jamie went to the Isle of Wight to visit the museums as a way to learn more about Dinosaurs and Fossils.

In 2003 at age 13 Jamie started up an educational website to share his knowledge on fossils with the public as well as talking to experts to help expand his own knowledge.

2005 at age 15:   Jamie was recognised at school for his collection of an estimated 9 million fossils, this story ended up being published in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph Newspaper.

After this Jamie decided to set up a magazine to help his fellow students learn about fossils.

Jamie was invited by Time Team's Carenza Lewis to come and help on a Archaeological Excavation

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Kings Dyke fossil hunter

In 2006 at age 16:  Jamie started to run Fossil Hunting trips where he would take members of the public to places like King's Dyke Nature Reserve to hunt for fossils in a safe location.

While on holiday in California, USA, Jamie was invited by the La Bea Tar Pits to come and help out in their preparation laboratory to identify different fossilised plant species.

After Jamie's work with Carenza Flag Fen invited Jamie to help take part in one of their Archaeological Excavations.

With so many fossils Jamie decided to take a selection into schools to help teach children all about what lies beneath their feet, through hands on learning.

2007 age 17:  Jamie finished Secondary school and started Collage, he went to study Archaeology as in his words, " This was the only way I could learn how to dig holes," With his passion for rocks and fossils, Jamie spent a lot of his lunch times through out his Collage years with a geology teacher learning about all the different rock types and layers.

In 2008 at age 18:  Jamie discovered a nearly complete Plesiosaur Skeleton, this discovery was covered in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

With so many fossils and now the Plesiosaur Skeleton Jamie decided to set up a Private Museum to show his collection to the public, he set up this Museum at Rail World, Peterborough.

Tourisum award

In 2011 age 21:  After setting up at Railworld Fossils Galore became a popular attraction and soon need more space to cope with the footfall, Jamie moved to Van Hage Garden Centre, this gave more room to expand Fossils Galore as well as give the Museum more footfall.

After this move proved to be popular Jamie found a building in Peakirk with more space so Fossils Galore moved to Peakirk.

2012 age 22:  Jamie had an idea to turn his private museum into an educational activity centre with a museum, to this he needed a bigger premises, so Fossils Galore moved to March for a building with two floors and a garden, the garden was set up with activities for children to do to learn about fossils, crystals and archaeology.

Jamie made a Discovery of a Big Fish belonging to the Icthys family, this fish is an estimated 12 meters long and is currently being prepared in the Fossils Galore preparation Laboratory, which the public can come and see. This story was covered in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph, The Fenland Citizen, The Cambs Times and ITV News

2013 at age 22, Jamie and Fossils Galore were short listed in the finals of the Fenland Business Awards 2013, Fossils Galore had made finalists in the Tourism Categorise

2014 age 24:  The building next door to Fossils Galore became available so Jamie decided to extend his centre into that building as well.

During this time Jamie made a discover of a Woolly Rhinoceros Skull, which has been nicknamed Stompy, the discovery was covered by BBC News, ITV News, The Fenland Citizern, The Cambs Times,  The Daily Telegraph.

With the opening of the extension and the new discover Fossils Galore held an open day where we got TV Star Nigel Marven to come down and officially open our extension. Nigel was impressed with what he saw and agreed to become a Patron to Fossils Galore.

Jamie was invited by Cambridge Geology Club to attend a seminar and give a talk on Jurassic fossils of the Fen edge,  the seminar was held at the Department of Zoology at Cambridge University

2017 at age 27:  Jamie and his partner Sarah discovered an Iguanodon Skeleton, which has been named Indie, This skeleton is now on display in a newly build preparation laboratory for the public to come and see how we excavate the bones out of the surrounding rock. This story was covered by, BBC News, The Fenland Citizen, Discovering March Magazine, The Prehistoric Times Magazine.

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