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Fossils Galore Environmental Work


Environmental Work Date of Process What it has helped
Sending old furniture or equipment to be reused by a local charity 7/1/2015 Saves filling up Landfill Sites
Using Rain Water 7/1/2015 Saves the amount of water used from the mains
Reusing used paper 7/1/2015 Using more paper than needed
Energy Saving Light Bulbs being introduced through the Centre 20/2/2013 Saves the Amount of Electricity Used
Recycling used Ink/Toner Cartridges 16/02/2012 Each Box Saves 1 Litre of Oil
Recycling old Mobile Phones 01/02/2012 Each Box Saves 1 Litre of Oil
Reuse Packaging Materials 19/11/2011 Saves Filling up Landfill Sites
Staff Bike to Work instead of using Cars 19/11/2011 Low Carbon Emissions

If you have any of the following then please send into Fossils Galore Museum:

Old Mobile Phones, Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Used Padded Envelopes and Bubble Wrap.

Please Send to:

Fossils Galore

60 High Street


PE15 9LD


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