History of Fossils Galore

Fossils Galore was founded in 2003 by Jamie Jordan as a website, this was designed as a way for Jamie to share his Fossil Knowledge with the World.

By 2006 the website was so popular Jamie started running fossil hunting trips so he could take members of the public to safe areas and show them how to find fossils. With an ever growing collection Jamie also decided to start taking some of his fossils into schools to teach children all about what lies beneath our feet.

In 2008 the first Fossils Galore Museum was opened to the public, based at Railworld, Peterborough, this private museum was designed to show the range of fossils that can be discovered in the local area.

The new Museum proved to be popular so in 2011 Fossils Galore moved to Van Hage Garden Centre due to the larger amount of footfall, eventually Fossils Galore needed more space so relocated to Peakirk, this gave Fossils Galore more space, with this extra space a preparation laboratory was set up in view of the public so everyone can see exactly how fossils are prepared.

2012 Fossils Galore moved to March into a bigger premises, this building came with two floors and a garden, This is when Fossils Galore transforms into an educational activity centre, the garden is full of a range of activities so the children can learn all about fossils, crystals and archaeology.

In 2014 the shop next to Fossils Galore came up for sale so Fossils Galore expanded, to celebrate the new extension Fossils Galore invited TV Star Nigel Marven to officially open the extension, after the event Nigel was impressed with what he saw and agreed to become Fossils Galore Patron.

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Fossils Galore has made a range of important discoveries since opening its first museum.

In 2008 Jamie made a discovery of an almost complete Plesiosaur Skeleton, this discovery was covered in the local newspapers.

2012 Jamie and his team uncovered a big fish fossil which belongs to the Ichthys family, the team are currently working on this fossil to determine weather it is a new species, so far we know it is 12 meters long and possible died after being beached. It was a filter feed much like modern day basking sharks.

2014 was the discovery of a skull which belonged to a Woolly Rhinoceros, the furry lawnmower would have been walking around fenland 250 Thousand Years ago. under close examination we found all the inner ear bone and ear drum were still preserved in this specimen which is quiet rare to come across. our Rhino has been nicknamed Stompy.

2017 Jamie and his partner Sarah uncovered an Iguanodon Skeleton, this fossil is now on display in a purpose built preparation laboratory where the public can come and watch our team uncover the bones. The Iguanodon has been named Indie

To learn more about these finds please visit our collections page

Although Fossils Galore has moved and evolved over the years our aim has stayed the same.

Fossils Galore is designed to teach people of all ages about what lies beneath our feet through hands on learning, from educational activities to taking real fossils into schools and groups.

Fossils Galore wouldn't be where it is today without all our wonderful volunteers, who happily give up their free time to come and learn as well as teach all about prehistoric life.