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Fossils Galore metal detecting trips


Fossils Galore - Metal Detecting Trips

Ever wanted to Metal Detect for your own Artefacts?

Come and join us on one of the many trips we’ll

be planning over the year. It doesn’t matter if you

only want a small group or a larger school trip or

private excursion, simply complete the details on

the form here and we’ll be in touch.


Non Members Prices:

£5 per Child

£10 per Adult



Metal Detector Rental: £10 per person.


Digging Tool Packs Rental £5 per set of tools per trips (Contact Us) For More information.


Buy tools: (Shop Now)




Why not become a Fossils Galore Member and get lots of great benefits including unlimited trips for a one off fee per year.

 (Click Here) For More details.


***Priority will be given to members for Booking on Metal Detecting Trips***


Any questions or for prices? Contact Us


If you require more information about where the locations are located then please Contact Us


***Important Information***

Any finds of importance would need to be kept by group leader and shown to land owner before being kept. If a find is deemed of High Archaeological importance it will need to be donated to the treasury. (This would be out of Fossils Galores hands). Everything else you are able to keep. 

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